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Areas that can be compromised when your clients are going through child custody or divorce:

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Help Your Clients Win Their Case and Have Peace of Mind

Private conversations and activities need to remain private, and the value of knowing they are cannot be underestimated!

Your clients who are in the midst of a child custody battle or divorce case that discuss private information in their home or other environments could hurt their case. Many times they may think people have confidential information that was never divulged, or people know their whereabouts when they shouldn’t. They might not be imagining this. It’s possible electronic eavesdropping devices such as hidden microphones, transmitters, recording equipment, and video cameras have been strategically planted to gather information that could damage their case. They might even have hidden threats on their computer, or a GPS unit unknowingly installed on their vehicle.

If you have clients who are suspicious that their private conversations are being heard or their whereabouts are known, it’s time to have them call “The Debugging Experts” to conduct an electronic bug sweep of their home and vehicle and find all hidden threats on their computers. Taking action is the only way they will know for sure. Having a bug sweep conducted could save their case.

Benefits to your clients when hiring “The Debugging Experts” is they will:

  • Feel safe again
  • Have peace of mind
  • Not jeopardize their case
  • Ensure that their private information is not available to others
  • Neutralize the discovered listening devices or intentionally utilize them to disseminate ”misinformation”
  • Ensure their whereabouts are not known
  • Remove all threats detected by our technicians

“The Debugging Experts” are here to ensure personal information remains confidential.

  • We have the equipment, training, and experience needed to sweep everywhere that can be at risk effectively.
  • We are diligent and conduct our bug sweeps and computer network forensic analysis in the utmost professional manner.
  • Our IT department has over 30 years of experience and will remotely find all hidden threats on your computers.
  • We utilize the most current state-of-the-art electronic bug sweep detection equipment and computer network analysis software.
  • Our TSCM technicians have been trained by the manufacturer to perform the continually evolving and highly technical field of bug sweeping.

The type of professional bug sweep we conduct cannot be done by using a simple $500 RF Detector from the Internet or a local “spy-shop.” We use over $65,000 worth of top-grade professional equipment to detect hidden microphones, transmitters, recording devices, and video cameras (that might be very small or covertly hidden, and whether they are turned on or off, or even dead), and GPS trackers on vehiclesPlease see our equipment.

Our debugging services include:

An Extensive Inspection

  • A complete, thorough, and focused inspection of their living environments and personal belongings with our Flir® Infrared (IR) thermal camera equipment
  • A physical bug sweep of the areas they believe might be compromised for any hidden microphones, transmitters, recording devices, and video cameras
  • A physical sweep of their vehicles for GPS monitoring devices
  • Electrical circuits are inspected for carrier current eavesdropping signals
  • If your client chooses, we will perform a network forensic analysis on their computers

A Professional Radio Frequency (RF) Scan

  • RF signals are first captured outside their living environments they think are compromised, and then also captured inside. These two (or more) known data collections are then analyzed, compared, and evaluated to determine the source(s) and vulnerability of the exposure. This known scan comparison is conducted with very expensive, state-of-the-art equipment that cannot be performed by cheap amateur equipment purchased from the Internet or a local “spy-shop.”
  • Collecting and analyzing these known RF signals requires extensive and specialized training to be able to decipher the readings, analyze the data, determine the vulnerabilities, and locate the eavesdropping devices.
  • When eavesdropping devices or suspicious RF transmissions are detected and located, our technicians will discuss with your client if they want the threat removed and recovered, allowed to remain in place to intentionally disseminate “misinformation,” or whether they want law enforcement notified of any illegalities.

Our IT services include:

Our IT technicians conduct a remote computer and network forensic analysis. They do not just look at your client’s computer for the below; they also look at your client’s network to identify all devices that have access, giving them peace of mind that no malicious devices have been installed. 

  • Remote login software
  • Virus and Malware
  • Suspicious devices on the local network
  • Keyboard logging software
  • Screen recording software
  • Email accounts for suspicious IP addresses logins
  • Email accounts for forwarding setup

To ensure safety on your client’s computer, our IT technicians will also perform the following tasks depending on what threats and security concerns are uncovered during the initial analysis:

  • Check router for firmware updates
  • Check to make sure Wi-Fi is encrypted and secure
  • Clear out cookies and other temporary internet files
  • Change camera account passwords
  • Change the Wi-Fi password
  • Update Windows software
  • Install and configure antivirus software
  • Check backup software to ensure data is being backed up correctly*
    *If we find your client’s do not have a backup to protect their precious pictures and important documents, we will recommend a reliable program and guide them through the process.

If your clients need to ensure there are no eavesdropping devices that can compromise their confidential information, have them call “The Debugging Experts” today at 847-301-1475. We will make sure their personal environments, vehicles, and computers are free of hidden threats that can compromise their case.